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FreeAgent Practitioner

FreeAgent Practitioner

FreeAgent is a great choice for small businesses and particularly if you have a Mettle or Natwest account because the accountancy software is free for account holders. Subscriptions for accountancy software can cost £100s of pounds per year, so this is a good option for many businesses.

FreeAgent has the following great features:

1) Easy to use - FreeAgent provides friendly interfaces and automation features. You can send invoice reminders automatically to help you chase outstanding debts. You can also record expenses and mileage on the go using the app.

2) Reports - there is a useful dashboard along with cash flow reporting

3) Tax - you can generate VAT returns and other tax returns although we recommend you get support unless your business is simple.

4) Integrations - you can import your bank feed very easily to stay on top of your bookkeeping.


We are FreeAgent Accredited Practitioners, and we renew our certification annually. We support businesses with FreeAgent including the initial set up when you incorporate or migrating from another software tool to FreeAgent. We can also support you with training or clean up or as your accountancy services provider.

If you are a small business owner in Manchester, Sale M33, or anywhere in the UK, we can support you with managing your business accounts in FreeAgent. We support contractors working out of their own limited company, sole traders and more complex businesses including hospitality and retail.

We can support with migrating to FreeAgent if you are using a different tool, cleaning up the books if they have got in a mess and giving you training to make sure you feel confident using FreeAgent in the best way possible.

We make sure you can handle your invoicing, payments, clearing the bank transactions, scanning and matching receipts and using the reporting tools to keep track of your receivables and cash flow.

We strongly believe that having a solid grip of your bookkeeping is key to understanding your business performance, reducing stress and keeping control of your cash flow.

We work with our clients using a subscription model so clients pay a monthly fee for their company accounts, payroll, VAT and other services.

We work in a modern way using all digital practice management software and our clients can get in touch whenever they need to either on WhatsApp, phone, email or by booking an online meeting at a convenient time.

If you would like a free and no-obligation chat about your requirements using FreeAgent in your business, please get in touch.

Please book a no-obligation chat or get in touch with us through WhatsApp or email to see how we can help you.
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